iPhone Apps update – Mil-Dot Ballistics / Mil-Dot Rangefinder

Mil-Dot BallisticsI have finally submitted the new version (4.2) of Mil-Dot Ballistics and Mil-Dot Rangefinder to the app store today.  Both are a free upgrade for existing users.  It usually takes Apple about a week to review and approve new apps for the App Store.  So keep an eye out for it next week.

The biggest feature update for both applications is support for second focal plane scopes. You can now specify your magnification setting and the app will adjust the target size in the reticle accordingly. This will enable you to range your target at any magnification setting on a second focal plane scope. The only limitation is how accurate your magnification dial on your scope is.

I’ve also added a bunch of new reticles. I have plans for a lot more reticles that I will roll out via free in-app updates as soon as I can get permission from the scope manufacturers to include them in the app.

The good news for the iPad users is that I have finally written the iPad specific version of the Mil-Dot Ballistics user manual which I will be posting on www.mildotballistics.com just as soon as the new version of the app is available for purchase/download.

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