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Idiot quote of the day

from Marc Rubin, the NY Obama Administration Examiner (and first class moron) Of course the problem with that line of thinking is that there is no  2nd amendment right to own a gun, and that is not in dispute among … Continue reading

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Cowboy action shooting with a twist

I’ve been working on getting back into competitive shooting again, (it’s been about 16 years).  I’m slowly putting together my gear for 3-gun, IDPA, and maybe even some SASS events.  All of them have allot of appeal to me. But … Continue reading

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New Ti-RANT suppressor from AAC

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As if I didn’t spend enough time on my iPhone

My wife already complains that I spend to much time on my iPhone and is not helping things.  They have just released the mobile version of their website which makes it much easier to navigate on a mobile … Continue reading

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Spokane Gun Show, I left emptyhanded…

I spent a couple of hours sunday at the Spokane gun show in hopes of finding a good deal. Honestly, I do not know why I bother. What few good deals that may be there are usually gone in the … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as reverse racism!

With the recent press coverage of the New Haven firefighter case I’ve heard just about every legacy and new media outlet use the term “reverse racism”. Who ever came up with that term is a complete moron. Racism is racism. … Continue reading

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Damn near had a heart attack!

Driving down highway 95 south of Coeur d’Alene I came upon the largest herd of elk I’ve ever seen in my life. There was easily 60 bulls just hanging out just off the side of the highway in a green … Continue reading

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Gura’s response to Judge Wilkinson

  Alan Gura (the lead attorney for Dick Heller in the District of Columbia v. Heller case) wrote a response to Judge Wilkinson’s anti-Heller article. Go here to find the response.  And while your there, make sure you check out … Continue reading

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Stop the ammo hording!

So I can do some more hording myself. You’ve probably been wondering what’s going on with ammo and reloading components availability.  There are a few factors that are having a impact on ammo and reloading components availability. The first and … Continue reading

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